Roof Maintenance Programs


Most property owners are not aware that roof maintenance is a crucial part of pulling the full life expectancy out of a flat roof. If a roof is not properly maintained, the material manufacturer will void the material warranty entirely. A standard flat roof will last, on average, 80% longer when it is properly maintained. Regularly performing maintenance on a roof will almost double it’s life expectancy for a fraction of the cost of the roof itself. As a company, we provide up to a 25 year warranty when the roof is being maintained by us because we know the material we are installing is designed to last for that period of time. Some of the sealants and flashings will give out around the 10 or 15 year mark due to UV rays from the sun if not properly maintained. By simply examining the roof twice a year, cleaning out scuppers and drains, and resealing/patching any problem areas, we can double the life expectancy of your roof, and more than double our warranty/no leak guarantee.

Program Details

We will inspect the roof twice a year. Once in the spring, and once in the fall. While we inspect the roof we will: Clean out drains and scuppers, remove debris from the roof, reseal any areas that necessitate such action, and perform patch repairs as needed. Our inspection includes checking all penetrations, flashings, pitch pans, and seams. We will also check for any scuff marks or holes in the roof cause by other tradesman working on the HVAC system or plumbing/drainage system and patch them (provided they are not excessive.) Any issues with the roof system will be repaired for no additional out-of-pocket expense. (Large repairs that take more than 8 hours to perform and that are caused by another party damaging the roof system will be a separate charge) Once every 5 years, a detailed infrared inspection will be performed as part of the maintenance program to detect any potential water that is penetrating the roof system. Repairs will be made as necessary from the results of the inspection.


Each of our roof maintenance programs is tailor-made for each potential client. Pricing will be based on the size and type of your roof system, the number of penetrations, and your specific requirements.