If there is damage to your roof.

We will find it and prove it.

The Dallas and Denver area is no stranger to storm and hail. When roofs are damaged, you will want a team that has years of experience in spotting and documenting the damage to show to your insurance company. 

At Priority we know the importance of this inspection being done right – right away. 

Don’t let the one who is writing the check tell you what you need done. 





We understand that you not only need an inspection done right but documented. We got you covered.

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Honesty & Integrity

People are more important than projects. Trust and reliability are what our reputation is built on.


Trained Roof Inspectors

With years of experience in spotting and diagnosing hail damage, our team will help you get your roof repaired as quickly as possible.

The Inspection Process

Let us come out and inspect your roof, and we will work with your insurance adjuster to make sure that the entire roofing system is replaced, and not just shingles and felt paper.

Your insurance company’s goal is to be fair while at the same time save money; our goal is to be fair, while at the same time, install a quality product and not cut any corners. You can see where the approaches differ, but the goal is the same: to be fair.

We know what your policy allows for, and we know what the Texas & Colorado Department of Insurance gives you, the home owner, the rights to as well. We will never argue for something that is not warranted, but when you allow us to meet with your insurance adjuster when he assesses the damage to your property, you allow us to work with your insurance company directly. We make it possible to install a roof the RIGHT way – not by just replacing shingles and felt paper, but replacing the entire roof system, including all flashing’s, rain diverters, and necessary components.

Our goal is to defend your better interests as the home owner, and to ensure that you take advantage of everything that you pay for in your insurance policy- not a penny less, and not a penny more.