There are over 3,000 roofing companies in the DFW & Denver area. Why choose Priority Contracting & Roofing?

If you speak with anyone that is apart of our team, you will discover that when it comes to this specific industry, more of it is manipulated and controlled by greed than it is pride in the quality of service that is offered. Our goal is never to bring down other companies, but in order to have a thriving business, we do need to be able to offer something that the current market lacks, and to put it quite plainly: honesty, integrity, and a high level of customer service is what we believe is currently lacking in the market, and that is what our number 1 priority is.

Our goal is not to offer the best price, although we believe that our pricing is very competitive. Our goal is not to get the job done the fastest, although our crews are very efficient. Our #1 priority is to generate a customer not just for today, but for life, and we do that by offering a level of honesty, integrity, and customer service that is unparalleled in the contracting and roofing market in the DFW & Denver area. We simply do not hire people that are more concerned about their paychecks than they are about ethics.

For us, it’s not a suggestion, it’s a principle.


We don’t just build roofs. We build relationships.


Our Team


Vice President

“Hey, my name is Brandon Parks. I’ve been with Priority Contracting and Roofing, almost from the beginning. I have never been apart of a company so motivated and driven to provide top shelf customer service. My goal is to equip our sales & management teams with the tools and training needed to execute all of our core principles. I truly believe you will be impressed by our workmanship.”


Sales Mentor

“Hi, my name is Aaron Beishline, and I have worked in this industry for more than 20 years from the install side, to project management, to playing a key part in the management of the company itself. My goal is to equip Priority Contracting and Roofing with the necessary tools and experience to be able to bring you the highest level of customer service and professionalism we can offer. Our goal is for the process of remodeling your home to be smooth and stress free, and I truly believe that you will be impressed with the service that Priority Contracting and Roofing is equipped to offer. We look forward to serving you!”


Quality Control Manager

Hello, My Name is Hernan Cubillos. I’m the Quality Control Manager for Priority Contracting and Roofing. I have more than 20 years experience in customer service and project management. My Goal is to run a department that assures all of our customers the perfect execution of all projects , from inventory to the full completion of any repair after.